Monday, 26 November 2012

A step towards Humanity

A person like Davina is hard to describe. Many words come to mind when you characterise their actions; Insane, brash, absurd, psychotic, but when you try to define the person themselves, words are hard to come by. The reason? No one can tell what they're thinking or for tell their next move.

That's what makes them so dangerous.


Every step along the damned path was getting harder. He could feel the chilled wind gently nudging him forward. It sweetly told him to keep going. It assured that this was the only way to save his daughter, assured that the police didn't care and couldn't do anything. He listened to its deceiving voice.

He had made sure that no one knew about this, that way no one could tell him 'no'. This was his decision. He breathed heavily as he thought about this last journey. He had lived to have children and now he was to for them. He felt it as a duty, a duty to his family. All he has wanted was to be a good father and husband, and this was the best way to show it. Everything inside him hurt, he didn't want to be the one to carry out this task, but a father must pay prices for his children.

He wouldn't allow himself to stop not for anything, or anyone, not even Susanna. He hadn't said goodbye to her. Now he would never see her beautiful face again. He wouldn't be able to stroke that warm, soft cheek, or brush his fingers through her flowing, chestnut hair. She would never cry into his shoulder, laugh at his common, corny jokes or speak clumsy-sweet words into his ears.

He would never hear her voice again.

"Susanna," His voice quivered, "I love you." He willed himself to believe that the same wind that kept him moving, delivered these last words to his one love.

This is all your fault. He heard the words clearly in his mind, with Susanna's voice. A tear fell out of his now hopeless eyes.

"I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry." There was silence all around as the once carefree Dan broke down into a fit of pure distress and agony. "Please believe me Susanna!" He wailed as the weight of all his wrong doings pushed him down, causing him to crumble weakly onto his knees.

The wind kept pushing him. Wiping away the tears, he got to his feet, "Don't worry. I'll make it better. I promise." He wanted his words to have meaning, but they felt empty. He could only wish that this was going to make anything any better.

I deserve someone better than you. Her words stung his mind, words she had never said, but she must have thought. At least she'd have Leanne and she'd find someone worthier to be her husband. Someone who won't get carried away with other women.

It was all his fault and now he was going to pay the price.


As he walked up to the bleak white door, he felt a sudden anger well up inside of him.

But as the door opened and the unfortunately familiar face appeared the anger melted back into the hopelessness that he had felt making the journey.

"I knew you would come," She smirked, "It was only a matter of time."

Her accent, movements, appearance lulled him towards her as it did before. He had to close his eyes and think for a few seconds before replying.

"Please Davina. Can't we just work it out. I'll do anything, just don't do something you'll regret."

"Ya already made me du somethang I'll regret for the rest of my life," She pointed a tense finger at him, "Now I want revenge."

"I'll pay for the kids, I'll be a good dad. Anything you want, I'll do."


Consider yourself more than lucky if you manage to reason with someone like Davina. Once they decide to do something, they'll never give up until it's done.



"I'm bored of these petty pleas," She opened the door, "Ar' ya coming?"

He silently followed her into the house, his feet dragging under the weight of all his sorrow. The hallway reminded him of that night. He could smell the same musky fumes that travelled through the air. He breathed it in, remembering that it would be one of his last. He listened to all the noises the home had to offer, but there were none except for the floor creaking beneath him and Davina's steps.  She led him down a small set of stairs toward the back of her house.

"Can I just see her, one last time." He begged

She turned round and glared at him, then smiled.

"Sure. Just take a seat."

Her hospitality made him uneasy. His stomach began to turn inside of him, his vision blurred and his head started to feel light.

"I think," The words came out slightly slurred, "I think that's a good idea."

He stumbled to the closest chair and collapsed into it. It was too much for him to handle. He watched as she slowly ascended the stairs and wondered if his daughter would remember this day. Then he prayed she wouldn't.

He held his head in his hand, feeling completely destroyed.

What am I even going to tell her? He thought. It won't matter, she'll hate me as much as her mother does anyway.

He could hear footsteps on the floor above him, warning him that his time in the world was ending. Then the stairs creaked.

This is it, just tell her you love her.

"Up against the wall." Her accent was heavier than usual. Dan looked at her arms to find, instead of his sweet  daughter, a gun. In shock he fell sideways out of the chair and scramble up to the closest wall.

"Where's L-Leanne?" He almost whispered the words.

"She's upstairs. Dinn't wanna wake the poor d'rling up."

He covered his ears and looked down at the ground. This was it.

"Any last words?" She almost giggled the sentence.

"Promise me she'll get home safe." He braced himself for impact, and a single tear dropped from the corner of his eye. Everything he had done led up to this moment and now he was here, waiting for a single action to end his life and free another's. He waited for that bullet. Waited almost too long -

"Drop the gun." A voice emanated from the corner of the room.

A grunt came from Davina.

"I said drop your weapon," Dan heard a dull thud, "Now put your hands on your head."

Dan slowly shrank down to the ground, half in fear and half in relief. He looked up to see a female police officer slowly pacing towards a now surrendering Davina with a gun held firmly in her hands.

"You are now under arrest for the suspicion or kidnap and attempted murder. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you. Do you understand?" The officer slipped her gun in her belt and pulled out a set  of handcuffs. She tightened them firmly around Davina's wrists and picked up the abandoned pistol.

Davina grunted a reply. Dan watched as the officer escorted Davina up the stairs and out of the room. He didn't move or say a word in fear that this would disappear and reality would punch him hard in the chest, in the form of a bullet.

After minutes, but what seemed like hours to Dan, another officer walked down the stairs. Dan had kept true to himself and stayed completely still.

"Hey Bud, get up. Everything's been dealt with. How 'bout we get some coffee in you." The officer held out a  hand.

Dan looked at the hand. He wasn't going to move, not for anyone. He was sure it was some trick.

"I won't stand here forever." The officer proceeded to step back.

Something in the way the officer moved, or talked or something made Dan feel comfortable enough to stand. He lowered his arms and used them to push himself up. Looking at the police officer, he chocked out the words, "Coffee would be nice."


After 2 cups of coffee and a few questions, a third officer came into the room, announcing that he had searched the house and everything seemed okay. He turned to Dan and smiled saying, "There's someone upstairs who wants to see you."

Dan jumped out of his chair and rushed up the stairs.

A small baby gurgled at the far end of the room.


A smile broke out onto his face and he swept his daughter into his arms and lifted her above his head.

"I won't ever let you get hurt again."

This was probably the hardest post I've had to write...soooo I put it off for a while and when I say a while I mean like.....I started it this time last much hard!!!

Anyway Enjoy :3

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