Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Renewing Relations

 "Bliss, pure bliss." A daydreaming Dan said to himself. He had been sitting in the cheap chair that was falling apart by the second for an hour and a half now.  He had started reading a book about the ever-expanding universe, but he felt that it was in fact the book that was ever-expanding itself. So he had resorted to sitting and thinking about the previous few years of his life, and more accurately his relationship in the past.
However, these light, warm feelings did not hold for long as he slowly dug up memories that were made closer to the present. It just wasn't the same. He hated thinking about it, that maybe the marriage rumors were true, maybe partners did grow apart, which would inevitably lead to a disastrous end. Maybe love did wither away. He scowled at the thought. He had always dreamed of growing up, with a loving wife, and kids. For some reason he had wanted three, no more, no less, but he knew Susanna and kids did not pass so well with her. 
Why me. The phrase suddenly popped into his head. "No," he quietly aruged with himself, "My life is good, it's fine. No, it's better than that, it's-," he paused, "Who am I kidding, we don't talk anymore, in fact we don't do anything together anymore." Dan's expression changed as he fell into a deeper pit of thought.
"Maybe, we should forget it. Maybe we're over," He contemplated, "No, Dan you can't just give up, not again. I can make this work, yeah, I can." At this point he felt that he should be smiling, but he knew all too well that this could end downhill, but he was going to give it a try. He wanted to renew their relationship, one way or another.

Susanna was busy in the kitchen, thinking about something or another. Even though it had been 3 years since they had moved to this tranquil town, she still hadn't gotten out there and met anyone worth meeting, or anyone at all in fact. Not that it bothered her, she was sure she could live her whole life happily without being 'socially active' as Dan liked to call it. 
Since Susanna wasn't really doing much nowadays, she found herself becoming increasingly finicky about the cleanliness of her house. She was rarely found relaxing around the house, it was more like her to be cleaning this, washing that, or just scrubbing everything. She didn't mind it, in fact to a certain extent she was satisfied with it. She knew she didn't need to work. Dan had a solid job in the science career, they had enough food, and they lived in a peaceful atmosphere. What more could she possibly wa- 
Her thoughts abruptly melted to the back of her mind as a voice behind her suddenly got her heart racing.
"Oh, you scared me Dan," She said, swiftly turning round to face him, the two blue eyes that met hers gave away why he was here, "What is it that you want?" She playfully chanted.
"I was just - uh -  wondering if," he asked shyly, looking down at his shoes, "Never mind." He was deliberately  playing with her to get her to agree with his request.
"Tell me Dan."
"It's nothing, seriously, nothing."
"Ookkay then." She proudly replied.
Dan turned to leave, then rushed back and kissed her, taking her by surprise. 
"Wow." Was all she could say by the end. She had always loved romantic gestures like this.
"Do you want to go on  date with me, tomorrow night. Maybe?" Dan questioned, raising his voice ever so sightly.
"Uh," Susanna, wasn't the type to leave the house, even if it was just for a date, "I-I don't know. I'll think about it." She swung round to finish drying the sparkling dishes, but was stopped and two hands clasped around her waist and she was brought into a warm embrace.
"Okay," She whispered softly into his ear, "You win, I'll come."
"Thanks honey," He gently replied, coming out of the hug, "That really means a lot to me."

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