Saturday, 15 October 2011

True Art is Found in Galleries

Susanna decided that, after her husband had quickly rushed off to another tedious day of working hard for minimum pay, she would go out, see the town, and, well, just do something for a change.
She stepped out the front door, and inhaled deeply, the journey was the worst part of the outing, she thought.


She looked around and saw the papergirl was just leaving after putting a freshly printed newspaper on the doorstep.

Stepping quickly down the porch steps, she swiftly hailed an oncoming taxi.

"Where to?" The female driver loudly questioned, but Susanna was too busy thinking about the fact that she had never been in a taxi with a female driver, then started questioning if the trip would actually be safe. For Susanna that meant not getting in anyone's way, or better put, no one getting in her way.

"'Scuse me Ma'am? If you want me to drive, you'll need to answer my question." Susanna had vaguely heard the driver ask her something about where she wanted to be driven too, but, obviously, hadn't realised that it was aimed at her.

"Oh, sorry," She pitifully apologised, "The-the Curious Memorial Museum - Please." She stuttered, saying the first community building that popped into her mind.

"Suree." The driver said with an upbeat tone.
The car journey was long and irksome, if Susanna was to be honest. 

She was relieved to finally be out of the stuffy cab. Fresh air filled her lungs, dissolving the off-smelling odor of the taxi. She looked up at the huge building that stood in front of her.

"I'm going to have a good day," She weakly assured herself, "I will."

She pulled herself up the steep, stone stairs, carefully watching her feet, partly to not make any eye contact with anyone who may be coming down the stairs and partly just because she didn't was to trip over the clumpy nuisances called feet.

The doors were heavy and she wondered why they weren't automatic. Surely it would make it easier for people to get in. She pushed one open nervously, wanting to go by unnoticed by anyone who happened to be inside.

Safe, or so she thought, inside. No one stopped her, or even passed her. She had done it. She could peacefully spend a day at the art gallery.

She stopped in the hallway, looking from left to right, debating which room she should go to. Quickly she rushed right, hoping more people would go left, just in time as someone pushed open the door behind her.

The art was beautiful and so detailed. Susanna loved every piece of it. She knew that if she could she would live here. She was even considering stealing a piece of art. She had taken a particular liking to a small painting of sunflowers and was assessing it delicately, looking for all the positives, and, the negatives.

What she didn't realise is that someone was in the room, and apparently glad to be as well.

"Hey there." He called out walking over to her.

Please do not be talking to me she begged in her head please, please, please!

But, it had been made clear that he was as he was, now, standing right in front of her.

"Hi," She murmmered, looking down at the ground, "I'm - uh - Susanna."

"Nice to meet you, Sussannaa," He said, elongating her name, "I'm Oliver, Oliver Greenwood, but people call me Ollie."

Susanna knew the name, but couldn't remember how.

"So, Susanna, what's your favourite piece." Oliver quizzically asked.

"The - uh - the sunflowers." Susanna shyly replied.

"Mine too!"

Susanna could have sworn that if he had said that any louder the building would have plummeted to the ground.

"Uh, that's - nice."

Only a few words into the conversation and Susanna already needed a break from talking. She started to slouch and hoped that looking slightly bored would get her out of this chat.

Her tactics soon proved effective as Oliver's facial expression turned into that of dismay and confusion.

Luckily, for Oliver, someone else had decided to look round the room that was more than happy to have a long talk about nothing.

Susanna took this opportunity to sneak out, and Oliver was more than happy to let her go. 

Susanna was about to call the trip quits and return home when, she noticed the stairs leading upstairs.

"How the plumbob did I not notice those?" She questioned herself quietly. She looked around then proceeded up the stairs.

"Oh wow," She said, with an unusual amount of surprise in her voice, "This is way better then paintings." 

She looked around at all the sculptures around her. Why had she never thought about searching for these. It was an understatement to say Susanna had an enthusiasm to study them, it was as if, after a lifetime of having nothing, she knew she would have a burning passion to create beautiful pieces like this. 

"This is it!" She exclaimed before rushing down the stairs, planning how she was going to carry out her new career, or hopeful career, if it worked out well.


Dan's day at work had been tiring, to say the very least, and he was ready to go home. Being a Lab Tech wasn't fun either. Spillage over here, broken glass over there, radioactive leak in section 12 and small fires starting everywhere. No wonder he felt in need of a good long shower. 

It was days like these that really made him want to quit for good and he was pretty sure he had every right to. He hated cleaning up, whether it was after other people or himself and he hated the way those higher up than him treated him like a child.

But, Dan knew better than that, and if there was anything he was really good at, it was moving on. Anyway, his carpool was waiting for him, to take him home, and he was going to have an amazing night, if it turned out right.


She heard the shower turn on, but carried on dreaming away. Tonight was going to be wonderful. She wouldn't let anything ruin it. It had been so long since the two of them went out together, alone, without Dan's friends being there.

Dan's friends! That's who Oliver was, he is Dan's friend! It took her a while, but she had finally remembered.

She jumped up, deciding it was probably about time she got dressed.

"What should I wear," Susanna sighed, "I've got it!"

Susanna slowly changed into the dress she had chosen from her limited selection of clothes, while daydreaming about the coming evening.

She heard the shower stop and a minute later her husband come out and decided to take this chance to touch up her hair and make-up a bit.

It was only a quick touch up, but it made all the difference, and after a quick ten minutes she was ready.

She strode out of the bathroom to where her husband was standing, who, had only really made the effort of having a shower and not dressing any different to normal.

"Here, I got these for you." He said, handing her a small bouquet of yellow flowers.

"Thank you! They're beautiful!" Susanna exclaimed, completely taken by surprise. She brought them up to her face and smelt them. "They smell amazing too!"

"Shall we go then, my lady?" Dan put on his sweetest voice. He wanted this to be a spark in their relationship.

He grabbed her hand and lead her to the door.

"No limo today, unfortunately." He meant this to be a joke, but Susanna was still slightly, but childishly, disheartened that there wasn't one.

"Shame," Susanna replied, trying to keep the evening going, "I was expecting one, with snacks inside and maybe a bottle of champagne."

Another taxi ride, hadn't she had enough already. At this rate, she decided, that maybe she's just walk back home. Finally she decided, as she stepped into the taxi, that she wasn't going to let this ruin her night.

Bumpy. That's all Susanna could describe this journey as, that and disturbed. Well, for her at least. Dan seemed to be talking away with the driver about football, or something. It was then and there she decided she wanted nothing to do with sports.

"'kay, we're here." The taxi driver bellowed. Dan got out first and quickly paid. Susanna followed and soon saw the glistening ocean in front of her.

"Aww, Dan!" Susanna cooed. The beach was wonderful. The calm breeze, gently swaying their hair back and forth in time with the swoosh of the waves. No, not wonderful, perfect.

"C'mon, let me take you to your table."

Susanna gasped as she walked up the stairs of the beautifully decorated bandstand. Dan was waiting at the top holding onto a seat.

"This is the best seat if you want a view!" He said, effectively beckoning her over.

"It's wonderful, Dan." Awe flowed out of Susanna's mouth as she said this. She almost believed this was a dream, her husband was the best, no, better than the best, he was Dan.

"Now you sit here and I'll go grab our food." Dan said with a slightly smug tone.

Susanna looked around her. This could easily be the best date she'd ever had, so far, anyway. He had really out done himself. She wondered about what they were eating. Most likely seafood. Maybe Fish and Chips, or Grilled Salmon, or maybe Dan had really outdone himself and went for Lobster. It wasn't long before Dan came back with two plates. 

"Food is served." Dan said, trying to imitate a SimCity accent. Susanna was anxious to see what platter her husband had cooked and as he put the plate down in front of her, slight disappointment swelled up through her.

"Hotdogs." Susanna let out a small sigh, she did want something less - common.

"Yup, sorry, I'm not really a Master Chef or anything. We're sticking to basics." Dan said with a smile. Making sure the night ran smoothly was going to prove harder than he thought. "So what did you do today then?" Dan curiously asked, he didn't really know much about what his wife did while he was at work.

"I went to the art gallery, and I've  - I've decided I'm going to sculpt."

"Sculpt? Why would you want to do that?" Dan realised how unenthusiastic towards her interests he sounded just after he said it. "I didn't mean it like that." He tried to make it right, but Susanna's mood had already turned.

"I'm cold. Can we go home," She blandly asked with no expression on her face. Dan knew he wasn't going to win this one and Susanna knew the same. Silently they both got up, without looking at each other, "I'm walking home." She then quickly added and trotted off.


Dan pushed open the door and found Susanna sitting at the table with her head in her hands.

"I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to get angry. This was supposed to be the best night ever and I ruined it. I'm so sorry." Susanna's voice was muffled but still audible.

"It's okay. We can still have a good night here." He pulled her off the chair and into his arms.

He always knew how to make things better. She could never hate him, never.

"I love you," She whispered to him, "I really, really do."

Dan could have described the night as perfect, he had done it, he had brought the spark back. The way he knew this was that the kiss lead to more, much more.


Done! Sorry it took sooooooooooo unbelievably long, I'm still new at this! PITY ME! NOW!
ANNYYWWAAYY, hope you enjoyed it, Imma start writing e3 now so i'll finish it soonneerr!


  1. I love it! The way you write is so clear and vivid, I had a great understanding of who Susanna is and who Dan is, and how their story might go. Taking polar opposites and seeing if their relationship will stand together is a wonderful idea. :)

    I can't wait to read more!

  2. Awww thanks :D

    Episode 3 should be up sometime soon, but guess who messed up the computer...HAHA...sometimes I wonder if computers are plotting against me.

    Yes Dan and Susanna are rather........different, and different can be..frustrating...sometimes, for them anyway.

    But I do love them :3