Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My Regrets: Part 2

"Susanna?" Dan had been about to leave for work when he saw his wife sitting at the table motionless. Her arms were stretched out and her head was resting on them. 

She let out a small, high-pitched groan, but stayed completely still. Dan was trying to be patient, but he had to go to work and, thanks to the night before, he had a pretty bad hangover.
 He slammed a tight fist on the table and exclaimed, " For goodness sake, woman, just tell me!"
 Susanna, shocked by his attitude, sat up, Her eyes showed fear and worry. She blinked slowly and a tear ran down her red cheek. "It's Leanne."

His actions had also startled him, and he knew Susanna was not one to become over-emotional. He fell onto is knees and hugged her tightly. Then said over her shoulder, "Where is she?"


Susanna had walked down the road to the Greenwood's. After Dan had noticed a small post-it-note on the wall saying something about Jade going home early, they thought maybe knew something.

 The door opened and Oliver stepped out.

Honestly, Susanna had no idea that this chatterbox was the father of Jade.

"Oh...hi. Can you come back later," He said, his voice was quiet and hoarse, "We're in the middle of something." He was about to close the door, when she quickly said,

"I'm here for Jade."

"Ah, well come in." The atmosphere was damp and noiseless.

Susanna creeped through the hallway, silently following Oliver. Although she didn't want to break the silence, she felt as though she needed to.

"She was babysitting for us last night and-"

"Oh, you're Mrs. Branson. I did wonder."

She nodded, then continued, "and she left early, and now my child's gone."

Oliver didn't reply.

"Where is she?" Susanna asked.

"She didn't come back." Oliver sighed and hung his head.

"Oh. I'm - sorry," She said sympathetically, then paused before saying, "Have you any idea where they may be?"

Oliver stopped dead in his tracks. "You think my Jade took your kid?" His words were harsh and accusing.

"What! No. That's not what I meant! I just thought -" Susanna trailed off.

Oliver drew a deep breath, "We've got a police officer coming soon. Stay, we'll probably need you.


She dazedly sat up and held her head in her hands. It felt as if it was pounding against her cold palms. She weakly opened her eyes, and blurred surroundings came into vision.
 A small groan slipped out between her dry, parched lips, followed by a pathetic cough. 

She blinked slowly several times, as she regained her sight.
 "W-Where am I?" Her words were quiet and croaky. She couldn't remember anything past arriving at the Branson's front door, and she was sure she was no longer at their house. She rubbed her forhead with her palm, as she slid clumsily off the bed.

There was a door at the other side of the room, so naturally she walked towards it. Every step felt heavy and unbalanced. Her eyes drooped so that she found it difficult to see where she was going.

After what felt too long, Jade reached the faded chestnut door. She grabbed the handle and felt the coarse rust press against her hand. Letting her eyes close, she thrust her weight onto the door and twisted the handle. Nothing.

"Hello," She called out, leaning against the door, "Is anyone there?"


"Help!" She weakly cried before moving towards a wall and propping herself up with that instead. The walls were cold and dirty. The concrete was chipped and worn away in some places causing some of the stone slabs to wobble. She sighed and sank down to the ground. She had no energy to panic and her eyesight was still not crystal clear. She let her body relax and she started to fall asleep.


She felt a vibration in her pocket and lazily stood up. Finding the source, she pressed a warm button on the phone and held it against her ear.

"Emerald," She exclaimed, then with all she could say with a slightly shaky voice was, "I don't know." Before the phone cut off.


When the police officer came round, Oliver was still in a foul mood with Susanna and though he didn't care much for what she said, he knew it would be vital if they were to find his daughter, so he sat through it. But for the whole time he could only think, It's all her fault.


Dan had been down at the police station, he had told them all he had known and showed them the note left by Jade, but, when they had asked him whether there was anyone who would want to cause harm to him or his family, he had replied no. He had forgotten one person though. 


She was waiting at the front door when he got back.

"It's your life or hers." Davina chuckled as Dan ran up the porch steps. 

"Make your choice," She pushed past him to leave, then turned back and added, "And if you tell anyone, you won't see your little Leanne again."

"Davina, please." Dan called out after her.

"It's too late for that now," She grinned as she walked down the stairs. She reached the bottom of them and her smile faded, "It's gone too far."

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