Saturday, 10 December 2011

One thing Always Leads to Another

 It was decided. She was going to become a sculptor, no matter what bumps may turn up in this exciting journey she was about to embark on.

She finally had a reason to stop working purely around the house and she felt great about it, why hadn't she started doing this earlier, she picked up a chisel and hammer, pressed a button and, as if by magic, a large block of clay appeared in front of her. She had managed to buy the latest sculpting technology, the Pedestrian Sculpting Station 3000, in fact, buy wasn't really the word for it, it was more of a loan. Until she could actually pay for it she was "borrowing" it, and she was hoping that soon it would be her's.

However it seemed that it would only be her wallowing in the joy of the new work station.

Dan knew he wouldn't be able to even come close to her when she started. 

He wanted a lazy day, and taking time off work would aid him in his decision. He quickly called up his boss and insisted that he had a day off work, just to do some "research" at home. As soon as his boss agreed, he was out of the door in a zip. He hailed a taxi, and sped down to the park.

The Sun splashed his face with light as he stepped out of the cab into his destination, so much so that he had to shield his eyes before he could carry on.

He wasn't certain of the reason he had come, maybe just to come out, perhaps meet some new folks around town and generally have fun. He eyed the spaced, green area around him and spotted his first victim by a small, newly painted bench. Slowly, and what he thought would be casually, he strode up to her.

" Hi. I'm Dan, haven't I seen you around town?"

"Mhmm," She eyed him, looking for something to be wrong with him, "You ain't gonna take nothin' from me, ain't ya?"

"No, I just-"

"Or sell me nuffin'?"

"No, I just-"

"Good, The name's Gwayne," She paused, "Gwanye Bayless. Nice to meet you."

Dan smiled half-heartedly, then said plaintively, "The pleasure's all mine."

The conversation they had wasn't exactly 'thrilling' and Dan had held his head in complete bordom for most of it, not that Gwayne seemed to care, she was quite happy rambling on about UFOs or ghosts or whatever the Plumbob it was.

This couldn't get any more boring. He thought. Luckily for him the conversation was coming to a close.
He watched leave, a thankful expression drawn on his face, then simply turned away and carried on his search, stopping next to the fountain, spotting an olive-skinned man a couple of steps away from him.

He stepped carefully towards the stranger, drew in a deep breath and opened his mouth say hello, when the man flew around and glared at him for a few seconds before snarling, "What do you want?"

"S-Sorry." Dan stumbled, shocked at the hostility he had just been shown. He quickly spun around, placed his hands in his pockets and walked away staring down at the ground. He had paced a few steps when a sudden wave of anger washed over him, causing him to take it out by swiftly kicking a tree trunk.

"Watch it, man!" A female voice teased him. He looked up, it wasn't at all a tree.

"I-Shoot-I'm so sorry." He replied, feebly.

"Naa, We're cool. You gotta name?"

"Yeah," Dan answered, but forgot to finish as he finally looked at her.

After a few seconds of waiting for an answer she questioned, "Well, ya gonna tell me?"

"Oh, right," Dan mind snapped back to the conversation," I'm Dan - Branson, Dan Branson."

"The name's Davina Parkson. I just moved here. Decided to see the sights." Davina explained.

"Well you won't see much in Twinbrook," Dan joked, "Shang Simla is the place you'll want to be."

"Hmm, but Shang Simla doesn't have friendly people like you living there. Nope, I'm definitely glad I settled down here." Davina flirted.

Dan had to admit, talking to Davina was definitely more interesting than anything else he had done all day, and when the Sun had started to set he didn't want to leave.

"Davina," He said looking up at the sky,"It's getting kinda - dark. Let's go back to yours."

"That sound's like a great plan. Phew, I was hopin' this conversation wouldn't end."


"You are so sweet," Davina giggled into his ear, then she paused and looked into his eyes, with a more serious face, "Look - I know we've only just met, but I dun wanna be - like - lonely t'night, so, do ya' wanna maybe - y'know - stay over for the night?"

Dan's head was suddenly filled with different voices telling him to, or not to, or just to run away then and there, but none of them were helping him. In fact, there was so much noise in his mind that he made himself hurriedly nod, and let out a small "Yes." In reply.

Davina's face instantly lit up. "Great! Thanks, I - uh - I'll show you where yuur sleeping," She quickly responded, then leant towards him, moving her mouth close to his ear, and added in a whisper, "I'm really looking forward to this."

They walked up the staircase, turning right at the top to face a plain, brown door. Davina walked into it, grabbing Dan's arm, dragging him behind her. 

"Here it is," She spun round and smiled, pulled herself closer to him and gently kissed his lips. They stayed like that for a minute, then Davina gently pulled away and looked Dan in the eyes, "My, you are a good kisser for a scientist."

Dan stood, confused at what he had just done. He was married, this shouldn't be happening, yet it all was, and he didn't want to change it. "Kiss me again." He said softly.

And she did a whole lot more.

I'm so completely and absolutely sorry that I have not posted in...MANY, MANY weeks...I haven't forgotten about you, I've just been extremely busy, with a very important year in my education, and preparation for a figure skating gala.


Pluss...Sims keeps failing on me, I've tried to fix it, and I can play on different neighbourhoods, but this one HATES me D:...but the Chistmas Holidays are coming, and I will MOST definately catch up then.

See ya'll
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