Monday, 11 March 2013

Missing Jewel

"The walls are getting closer. I can feel them. Definitely. Closing. In."

She had no idea how long she'd been here for, all she knew was that it felt like an eternity, and it was having its effect on her. If she looked in the mirror, all she could see was a dirty, tired-eyed, thin version of herself, so she avoided it at all costs.

"Can you smell that? Smells like peaches and roast turkey."

Her face showed hurt as she heard a silent insult directed at her. She snarled and replied, "Crazy? I'm not crazy," Her eyes darted from side-to-side, "I just like peaches."

She knew she was losing it, but she found comfort in that. It meant that she wouldn't have to endure the painful thoughts of being trapped in this humid, dull and claustrophobic room. In her mind she was surrounded by friends - or rather - acquaintances who kept her from giving into what seemed to be a fate of eternal sleep. The thought of that made her panic and the desperation to escape this prison flooded her mind.

"Will no one help - ugh - this place is a mess." She ran to the ancient bed in the corner of her cell and smoothed the blanket. She then quickly moved to another area and proceeded to dust with an imaginary duster.


She stopped dead in her tracks.

"Did you hear that?" She jolted her head around, imitating a meerkat on watch. She darted in the the direction of the door, "I heard something. I'm sure of it!"

She stood totally still for a minute or two before relaxing and producing an airy sound from her mouth as she exhaled.


More noises emanated from behind the door. She paused, this time set on keeping herself silent so she would clearly hear any sounds. She looked to her left and shushed at nothing beside her, then carried on soundlessly waiting. After a few impatient seconds she turned to her side and whispered,

"I'm not making this up! I heard-"

The door swung open missing her by millimeters  She clumsily took quick steps backwards until her body met with a cold, solid wall.


"Davina said the girl was in - oh -"

Jade looked at the man as his eyes roamed up and down her body. To say she was scared would be an understatement. Her body shook as she tried to speak, but the very mention of Davina made it hard for her even to exhale.

Two females and another male slipped into the room behind the first. They were all so pale.

"Ain't she pretty." The other male spoke as the quartet gathered around her, forming and impenetrable human wall.

"I don't get how you can see that in this smell, not to mention how dirty she looks." A tall red-headed woman wrinkled her nose to imply her distaste for Jade's state.

"She's better looking than you." The man retorted.

A stunningly beautiful blonde goddess raised her arm as a signal to silence her bickering partners.

"We're not here to squabble," A french accent rang throughout her words, "Just do what it necessary, then let's leave."

Jade stood cowering as the party of strangers slowly advanced towards her. She wanted to scream, but she knew it was pointless.

So she closed her eyes and silently prayed.


Some months later...



Susanna blew loudly on a noisemaker as Dan lowered his daughter to the candle.

Ehhh?! Dan what you doin' to Leanne?

"Looks like daddy's gonna have to blow this candle out honey, but next time you can do it." Dan promised as he brought his lips close to the flame.

Leanne gurgled slightly as she got closer to the cake.

"I'll take that as an agreement." He chuckled.

Dan blew the candle out and watched as the small column of smoke rose up. He gave Leanne a gentle hug and kissed her forehead.

Susanna once again blew with all force on the noisemaker, receiving an annoyed look from her other half, then abruptly stopped. She walked over to him as Dan, who foresaw what was about to occur lowered the baby onto a small mat they had brought out earlier.

Susanna stopped inches away from Dan's face and tightly wrapped her arms around Dan.

"You're gonna be the best father ever." She whispered gently to him, before locking her lips with his and sharing a loving kiss.

A distant ring could be heard and Susanna pulled away.

"I'll get it." She said before jogging into the house.

Dan waited for her, contemplating going back inside, but it was such a lovely day and such a special occasion that he wanted to be outside in the sun for as long as possible. He sat, leaning up against the wall, smiling at Leanne as she tried to fit her whole hand inside her mouth. Fearing that she might choke, he moved over to where she was and slowly brought her hand from her mouth to his hand. She looked up and him, gurgled then started speaking gibberish. He smiled and her small fingers clasped one of his.

"Dada." She clearly pronounced. Dan's heart almost flew out his chest when he heard the word come out of her mouth. Surely it was just a fluke. But then she said it again. "Dada."

"Yes. Yes! I'm your Dada!" Dan grinned at his daughter as she looked up into his eyes. He could feel joyful tears forming in his eyes. "Susanna! Come quick!"

Susanna sprinted back out to the garden.

"She said 'Dada'! She said her first word!" Susanna's face grew from an unsure expression to a wide grin that made her eyes light up brighter than the Sun. She said nothing for a few seconds, just smiled. She walked up to Dan and knelt beside him.

"They found Jade."


It had taken them threes months or so to finally get the information out of Davina Parkson, but now they knew where Jade Greenwood had been hidden the whole time. They went expecting the worst but hoping for the best, although the chances the girl was still alive were so slim they were easily ruled out.

Davina had told them that Jade was being kept close to the swamps in what was going to be an underground bunker that would have been used for safety, but the project had been abolished and it was left abandoned many years ago.

Davina had also told them that they'd never find it. How wrong she was.

The two officers slowly and very cautiously descended the rusted stairs. At the bottom they reached a large room that had three doors, most likely leading off to different rooms or hallways. It smelt like a damp cellar  and just standing there made them feel uneasy They approached the first door in total silence. The male officer reached towards the handle and they held their breath.

It opened. There was nothing inside. Jade certainly hadn't been here unless she had left no trace, but that would be highly unlikely.

They looked at each other and nodded, signaling it was time to move on.

They went to the second door. This time the female officer opened the door. There was a kitchen area that wasn't fully furnished. Everything in there had rusted slightly and there was nothing in the fridge.

Finally the male officer spoke, "This means she's in the last room, right?"

The female officer gave a half-hearted nod. "You're opening it." She said, which received a nervous chuckle.

He walked towards the door, his heart violently pumping and his palms sweating. He was terrified at what he might find, but he didn't show it, he had to be professional.

He turned the handle and pushed the door, but it didn't open.

"It's locked," He stated, "I'm gonna have to break the lock."

"Go on then." The female officer replied, standing a few metres behind him.

He drew in a deep breath before turning to the side. He closed his eyes and bashed his body heavily against the door. It opened and he almost fell through.

The female officer giggled and then patted him on the back, "Congratulations."

They slowly walked into the room, the female officer behind her partner. The smell was so overpowering it brought tears to their eyes.

"I-I can't see her. She's not in here." The female officer was baffled. There was no sign of any life.

"She's got to be somewh-" The male officer stopped mid-sentence.

"What is it?" The female turned around and looked at the other.

"A note." He replied.

There was a long silence in the room, as the female waited to hear what was written on the note. When she didn't get an answer, she asked, obviously irritated, "Well, what does it say?"

"The chase has only begun."


Sometimes people come out at the end of a journey with everything...

...others nothing...

...and some still waiting...

...but one thing is for certain...

...another journey will always begin.

I know...I all thought I was dead...It's just been....Christmas, exams, birthdays and school work...

Also as this is the last chapter of Season 1 it's time for a PARTAY! Whoop! It took me waaayyy too long! 

So I promise that Season 2 won't take this long...actually I don't promise...'cause I dunno what'll happen...BUT I WILL TRY SO TOTALLY HARD!

Right now, however, as everything electronic hates me...not only has my Hard Drive failed (I may still be able to get it fixed!) but I can't find the memory stick I used for back-ups...baka..baka..BAKA!

So until I either get all my stuff off my hard drive, or I find that darn memory stick..I'll be on a  (hopefully) short hiatus. However during this time, I hope to get a legacy up and we'll see...

Anywayyzz thankies for reading!


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