Sunday, 1 January 2012

Every Couple Has Their Secrets

Dan only stepped into his house to find he wasn't welcome here.

"Where were you last night?" An enraged Susanna shouted at him.

"I was out, with the boys." He quickly lied.

"For the whole night?" She was sure he was lying, she just wanted to prove it.

"It was an all night thing, okay, are we done with the questions?"                                

"Why didn't you tell me about it then?" She probed further into the matter, ignoring his last question.

"Look Susanna," He replied as sweetly as he could, "It wasn't planned, it just, happened."

"You didn't even say anything about going out yesterday anyway, you just left, I have the right to know!" Dan's charm wasn't working on Susanna the way he had hoped.

"I just went to the park to get away from all this." The words slipped out of Dan's mouth and as soon as he heard what he had said, he regretted it.

"Away from what?" Susanna replied, confused at his answer.

"Y-you and your stupid sculpting," Dan's voice started growing weak and he felt like just letting Susanna win this, "You practically live out there now."

"Well maybe if you had the decency to talk to me, I wouldn't stay out there, huh?!" Susanna retorted.

"Well," Dan paused, "I'm sorry for not wanting to disturb you!"

"Then why are you complaining?" Susanna had caught him off guard, and he had no answer to this.

"Because," Dan slowly said, thinking of a reason, "Because I love you." This statement only infuriated Susanna more, she turned around and replied, 

"That was low", then she walked out the door.

Dan sighed and watched her walk out of the door. His heart, that was racing violently during the argument was beginning to settle down.


"That man!" Susanna exclaimed, hammering furiously at some stone. 

That man will drive me crazy, WHY oh why did I marry him? She thought. She carried on like this until the sun was beginning to set. 

"I should probably go in now." She firmly said to herself, but her body didn't move. She was repelled at the idea of having to go back into that bungalow and face her husband tonight. She was too tired to have another round of angrily fired questions being followed by inadequate answers. So she would sleep outside tonight, besides, it was a lovely night to sleep under the stars, and she hadn't done that for a while. 

Quickly she rushed into the house and took the small, rolled up sleeping bag from under the bed. She could hear her husband typing away on the keys of the computer next door, and felt a sudden wave of relief at the fact that she wouldn't be sleeping next to him this night. 

Slipping out the door, she rushed back to her work. It was all she really wanted to do now, work. She didn't really know why though. Maybe just to get on her husbands nerves, or maybe it was just something she could fall back on if she was upset or angry.

The tiring session with her sculpting abruptly came to a halt as a nauseating feeling flew through her body.

"Whaa-," Susanna exclaimed, instantly knowing what was happening, "I-I can't be."

She rubbed her stomach, and sure enough a small lump had formed in between her hips.

"I can't tell Dan, not after tonight," She spoke to herself, in a persuasive manner, "Not after what happened."

So while I was doing this episode, I came across this :

Which really confused me! So I went closer in and I found......A UNICORN!!! Yay!

So I got one of my many civilians to become friends with it, and after lots of hard work............convince it to join their household! YES!

Now keep an eye on that girl cause you may be seeing her later on!

I'll try and post soon!


HGK xxx


  1. Aww :) A unicorn!!

    This chapter was really bittersweet...mostly just bitter, but also a little sweet. I can't wait to see how he'll react to the new baby. And more importantly, how SHE will react...

  2. Sorry getting back to you so late -_-' I haven't really been able to check this or write much lately...I'm so much more busy than I expected to be.

    The unicorn must've been the awesomest thing that happened to me that day. It got me so excited. SO SO excited that I'm going to include it in season 2..!

    I have to admit I enjoyed writing this more than I did with the others..haha..I'm so evil, but it's because I know what's coming up, which I won't say a thing about! HAHA!

    Hmm the baby..they're going to have a rough time with the baby... >:3