Saturday, 18 August 2012

My Regrets: Part 1

Jade was doodling on a rectangle of yellow paper when she heard the thump outside.

She had been babysitting for the Branson's, while they were out celebrating the birth, in return for a little extra pocket money. To be honest she didn't even really need to be there. Little Leanne had fallen asleep the moment the Branson's left and it had stayed that way.

Her heart sped up a little when she heard it, not much though. She wasn't it the slightest frightened and on any other day she wouldn't have even cared, but she was bored, so her curiosity got the better of her.

Jade was definitely someone you'd call courageous, but sometimes she'd act before thinking and end up making an unnecessary mess.Maybe this would be one of those times, she'd fall of the veranda and crush the plants below, or something.

She stopped, centimetres from the door, certain that she had seen a shadow go past the window on the right., but there was nothing there now, and no sound being made. It must have been her imagination, just her imagination.

She exhaled and reached for the door handle. Slowly and quietly she opened the door calling out into the night as the light seeped out of the warm house.

Taking a step into the darkness, she called out again.

"Just my imagination," She murmured, turning around to go back inside, "As I thought."

She felt something grab her. She looked down and saw a woman's hand clasping her waist. She opened her mouth to scream, but a cold hand stopped her. Her heart was racing, but she wasn't breathing.

Jade bit down hard on her captors fingers. The woman behind her yelped, freeing Jade from her grip. Jade then fell against the wooden floor, and scrambled to get up, but it was too late, her captor had grabbed her by the legs.

The woman was now carelessly dragging her down the stairs and Jade's head bashed against the wooden steps. She was screaming, tears streaking down her face. She kicked as hard as she could and tried to grab hold of anything she could, but nothing worked. She was helpless.

She felt a sharp pain down one side of her face as her head stuck the cold, hard ground. Her vision blurred and her voice was caught in her throat. She closed her eyes to try and regain her vision, but they didn't open again.


"I'm so tiirreeddd." Susanna whined as Dan carted her into the house. It was early morning when they got back. They had had a wild night, and neither of them had sobered up. Dan kicked open the front door after fumbling around to get the key into the lock.

"When di- yooo geet su heavy?" Dan slurred as he carried her the last few steps towards the sofa. Susanna squealed as Dan dropped her onto the soft chair beneath her.

"There. Nuuw sleep." He exclaimed proudly.

"But I need a shower." Susanna giggled, rolling onto the floor next to Dan's feet.

"Werll, I cun 'elp you with dat." He got hold of her arms and pulled her up. She clumsily fell into his arms and they shared a brief, drunk kiss before he hauled her into the bathroom.

She could barely remember what happened next, only the steam, and the feeling that something wasn't quite right.

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