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"...Nope....smooth....You're lucky Mrs. Branson."

"Huh?" Susanna hadn't been listening much. Only catching the odd word. There were only two things she was focusing on, the pain and her husband, but mostly the pain.

"Your going to have an easy run here. No problems what-so-ever." The doctor smiled.

"Thanks," She took a deep breath in then slowly released the air back into the atmosphere, "doctor." She could feel sweat dripping down her forehead, she was completely unprepared as her child to be had decided to pop out early.

"Honey," Dan silky voice filled her mind, He had been sitting by her side for a while now, holding her hand throughout, "You thirsty?"

"No," She said gently, turning her head towards him, "I'm fine."

"Well, keep up the good work." He smiled at her.

Since he came back, he had made sure to make every day for her absolute bliss. He brought her breakfast in bed nearly everyday, and cleaned the house until it was literally radiantly sparkling.

But he had done so much more as well.


Dan called over a group of his friends every day for about two weeks. He had a big project he wanted to work on, but he was determined to keep it a secret from Susanna until the grand unveiling.

He got professional help with some of the exterior design, but then it was all down to him and the 3 friends he had 'hired' out to create the perfect nursery.

It was amazing really, not once had she nosed around the place, or even come out to offer them tea or coffee, but then again she was normally either sleeping or eating, and she would rarely get up.

Everything had gone to plan.


"Hey Honey, come here quick."

Susanna slid out of bed and trudged outside.

"What?"She said in a grumpy, hoarse voice. Her feet were red and swollen and it hurt to walk. She muttered angry words to herself as she walked outside to where her husband stood.

Then she saw it.

"Oh my gosh, Dan! You're amazing!"

"Come look inside, it's the best bit!" They walked into the new extension to the house. Susanna gasped with awe.


"Cool, huh." Dan finished off her sentence.

"Wonderful! How did you manage this." She could barely get the words out as there were none to describe the way she felt.

"It's amazing what four people--"

The memory seemed to suddenly end as a voice rang through her ears.


"Mrs. Branson, how are you feeling now?" She opened her eyes, taken off guard, how many minutes had she just been lying there, motionless.

"I just want this baby out of me." She weakly replied.

"Well you're nearly ready. I'd say not to long now!" The doctor smiled at her, she tried to smile back.

She watched silently as the doctor left the room again, then, closed her eyes and listened to her breath. It was peaceful, still painful, but peaceful.


Her eyes shot open as something squeezed her hand. She let out a moan and turned to look.

Dan was still there, watching her intently.

"Oh, Dan. It's you..."

He chuckled, "Yes, I'm still here." She couldn't tell whether he was trying to be sarcastic, or just making a joke out of it.


That very morning had been almost a dream...

"Susanna, wake up. I want to show you something."

She stumbled out of the warm bed, and groaned as she left it's comfort.

"This better be good." She grumbled, yanking her slippers onto her swollen feet. It was obvious to her that the baby was due any day now.

"I'd get dressed if I were you," Dan almost whispered with a huge grin on his face, "Or else, you're gonna get kinda cold."

She was so tired, that all she really remembered after that was lazily tugging clothes on, then getting into a warm, musky-smelling taxi. Then she slept.

The dark, cold air greeted her, and two firm hands gently hauled her out of the cab and onto her feet. She groaned and opened her eyes.

"I was sleeping." She looked into her husband's eyes as she said it.

"I know," He still had the same smile plastered onto his face, "But we'll miss it if we don't hurry up."

He fished around his pocket for something, then gave it to the cab driver.

"C'mon." He ushered her, indicating to her to go up a steep hill.

"This had better be worth it." She muttered.

It was getting harder and harder to climb the hill, and she couldn't tell what time it was or where she was. She expected (and wanted) to wake up in her bed and find that she had dreamt the whole thing, but the climb just carried on, until...

"Oh my goodness!" She covered her mouth in shock.

"Surrrprise!" Dan chortled, as he grinned with excitement.

"Dan, you-," It was so overwhelming, Susanna couldn't get the words out, "you-"

"-Are amazing," He giggled like a small child, "Yes. I know."

On the ground, surrounded by flowers, was a small, woven picnic basket, like the ones in fairytale books.

"Come. Sit," He beckoned her over, "This is the best part."

They sat silently, entwined in each other, sharing their warmth, and watched as the Sun appeared over the horizon. It was complete, utter, pure bliss and she enjoyed every second of it.

"Are you hungry?" Dan purred, stroking Susanna's hair. She looked up into his eyes.

"I guess." Her voice sounded awkward and clumsy compared to Dan's soothing tone. He reached for the picnic basket and looked inside. His face suddenly drooped.

"I told Ollie to get a breakfast basket, not a lunch basket," He looked across to Susanna, "Are hot dogs okay?"

She smiled and was about to reply when, ~rrrraaaaggrrrr~, a low growl emerged from her stomach. "I think my stomach just decided for me!" She grinned.

They sat and ate. Hot dogs weren't her favourite food, but they were tasty nonetheless and she found herself releasing small joyful groans each time she took a bite. When it was gone she found herself craving more, which was most likely a pregnancy side effect.

"What now?" She asked as Dan slipped the last piece of hot dog into his mouth. He chewed for a few seconds then replied,

"Now we relax."

She crawled over to Dan, took his hand in hers, and kissed him.

Their fingers locked together and he pressed his palm into hers. After a minute, they pulled away.

"I love you." Susanna whispered.

"You haven't said that in a while." He smiled.

"Well I always think -," She stopped mid sentence, "The baby...It's kicking."

Susanna wobbled onto her feet, "Quickly Dan, You'll miss it!"

Dan placed his hand over her belly, and immediately felt some movement.

"Wow, we've got an excited child, I wonder why?" He laughed, as small impulses kicked his hand. Susanna sharply inhaled.

"I think I know why." She strained to get the words out as a warm stream ran down her leg.

"Why now...?"


"Just one last push!"

Sweat was running down her face, and she felt completely knackered, but she needed that baby out of her, so she did as she was told and gave a final heave.

Small screams rang through the room. She wearily smiled.

"Congratulations, Mrs Branson," The doctor's voice was cheery, "It's a girl!"


"I still can't believe I'm a dad!"

"Well get used to it." Susanna chuckled.

"She's beautiful, isn't she."

"Yeah, our little Leanne." The family felt perfect now, all except for one little thing tugging at the back of her mind.


So I did try to finish this one quite a while ago...but I found it particularly hard to write, so it took a while. I'M SO SORRY! But it's the Summer Holidays and I promised myself I'd finish the season...hefty promise...but I can do it if I set my mind to the next chapter should come out seriously soon...(Fingers crossed)...

See yaa then 


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