Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Broken Household

"So what exactly happened?"
"That's not important right now. What is, is that I really need a place to stay tonight."
"A second night? Hmm...I dunno. Soon you'll be living here," Oliver Greenwood laughed, "Alright, pal, I guess you could stay one more night. But don't make a habit of it!"

The music was loud and pumping through their bodies. The room was stuffy and Dan didn't really understand how you could have fun at a place like this, but this is where Oliver had wanted to go, and Dan did sort of owe him.

He almost saw Oliver as a dad. He was older than Dan, and he was always there to help him. He smiled, he couldn't have a better friend than Oliver.

"Whatcha thinking about there, pal?" Oliver raised his voice over the music, so he could be heard.

"Why you won't let me stay round your house for longer." Dan smirked.

"Ha - you'll never believe the reason."

Dan was pretty sure he would, but he still played along.

"Oh go on!"

"Fine. We're gonna have another child."

"You mean? She's -" 

"Yup, preggers. Whatcha think of that, pal?" 

The sound that came out of Dan's mouth after that, was hardly explainable. His face showed one thing, but his voice told a different story. As a matter of fact, not even he knew what he was feeling. In one sense he was happy for his friend, but in another, he was jealous, wishing it was him with a child on the way. On top of all those emotions, however, was genuine surprise.

By this point, even though he hadn't realised, he had stopped dancing, and he had a dazed look upon his face.

"Uh - pal?" Oliver said, questioningly.

"Oh -- sorry. I'm glad for you. I really am." Dan ensured his friend knew this. Then quickly he started dancing again, enthusiastically.


"Library. That's a good place to go." Susanna had ventured out into the town centre, just to find some sanctuary to get her mind off her asinine husband.

He wouldn't go there. He never would. If Susanna knew one thing about her husband, it would be his hatred for books. She felt it was slightly childish of him. But then again nearly everything about him was childish. He was a child in an adult's body.

She stopped at a bookshelf and took a deep breath in. She came her to forget, not to remember. She skimmed through the book titles.

"Oh this one looks interesting. Commitment Issues. Never read it before, but I bet I know the plot already." She sarcastically joked to herself.

She soon found a suitable book for herself, something comic so she could cheer up, but it wasn't working and instead of laughing, she found herself silently sobbing into the open book.

"I just want him back." She whispered to the quiet atmosphere around her.

Oh gosh ... Short post, but a long time to come out. I'M SORRY! I always try to get them out on time, but it never goes to plan! I'll be revising for a WHILE now though (I hate exams) so I'm to entirely sure when the next episode will come out. RAWR! (<-- My dinosaur anger...!?)

However, you'll be pleased to know that Susanna and Dan have been re-made. Susanna looks practically identical, and Dan...sorrttaa.... I just gotta do Davina.. but she won't take long at all! :3

See ya! xxx

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  1. Aww, I just feel so bad for them. Marital struggles are never easy.

    Good luck with exams!!