Friday, 10 February 2012

Oh Woe : Update

So I haven't been able to play on sims for a couple of months (Luckily I did some episodes in advance). Anyway, My computer came back repaired, with a new hard drive. I HAVE NO DATA! So I'll be bashing my sims back into shape. Episode 6 will be coming out soon, but 7 may take a little while longer!

Just Great.....


  1. :( Sigh, TS3 has this way of screwing each and every one of its players over, and then making them come frolic back because we obviously have an illness and an addiction to pain. :P

    Good luck! *hugs*

    1. You're so right! Haha! Sims has literally got me slaving over it going with minimal sleep. Oh wwhhyy EA wwhhyyy!

      Oh and thanks for the hug...I really needed it :3 *hugs back*